Accessorise your MAX X1

Are you a MAX X1 owner and want to get even more out of your board? You will be happy to know most of the products Board Bumpers offers fit the MAX X1. Using our ST Drive Gear Kits you can put almost any street flywheels onto the board, turning the Max X1 into a fully convertable board from street to all terrain. Even add protection to your MAX X1 with our Nose and Motor Bumpers. Need a replacment motor for your MAX X1? Don't worry we have you covered. Want to put Trampa or MBS colour hubs onto the MAX X1? Just select from one of our AT Drive Gear Kits. Want even more speed? We have you covered up to 50kph with our Drive Gears. If you have a MAX X1 and want to customise it, get in touch and let Board Bumpers help you take your board to the next level.

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