5065 150KV Replacement Motor - GT/GTX

Replacement 5065 150KV Sensored Brushless Motor for Evolve GT & GTX

Finely we have been able to bring our customers replacment motors. These motors are the exact specs as the stock motors currently used on all Evolve GT & GTX boards. They are directly swappable. Just unplug and remove your old motor. Plug the new one in, mount it and your ready to ride.

Other similar motors are available on the market in 140kv and 200kv. But these other kv ratings do not match with the tuned Evolve electronics. 140kv motors don't provide the same RPM / top speed as the 150kv motors. Both motors on the board will need to be replaced if using 140kv or 200kv as the motor RPM wont match with the stock setup. The 200kv motors provide a higher RPM but this comes at a cost of battery efficiency as they require 11amps more power to drive each motor. This means a total additional output of 22amps when using 200kv. This will effect your boards range significantly. The best fit for the Evolve GT & GTX are the 5065 150kv motors provided here.

If you have one motor causing problems you are safe to replace only one.

Items Included:

1x 5065 150KV Sensored Brushless Motor

1x 15T Drive Gear

Pre Wired Including 15T Drive Gear

Plug and play

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