For all our Trampa Gummie riders out there who have been craving for more speed, Board Bumpers is now offering a solution. Our custom made 19T steel motor gears give your board extreme speed when using 125mm Trampa Gummies along with our 58T Drive Gear Kit. Top speed is regained to stock (around 36kph when using the 58T Drive Gear kit with the 125mm Gummies) Maintain the stock Evolve Speed when using Trampa 125mm Gummies.

The 19T gear is intended for use with our 66T or 58T Drive Gear kits that allow mounting of Trampa Superstar Hubs and 125mm Gummies. The 19T motor gears adjust the gearing ratio back to stock meaning you won't lose your top speed or torque.

Items Included:
2x Steel 19T Motor Gears
2x Drive Belts specific to your drive gear setup - If option is selected.

125MM Trampa Gummies 19T Steel Motor Gear Upgrade

$35.00 Regular Price
$30.00Sale Price



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