X2 Booster

Electric Skateboard Drive System

ONAN X2 Booster is a leap beyond the original X1. The X2 Booster Electric Skateboard Drive has the advantage of more robust power, increased top speed, unique design plus many other features that make it a superior product in the electric skateboard market.


93MM 2000W 

in Wheel Power

The X2's patent motor design and larger wheel size makes the ride more comfortable. The acceleration and climbing ability is very powerful being able to clime up to 30% incline, while still maintaining a smooth and quiet ride.

36KM/H Top Speed

20-25km Travel Range

Porous Cooling 

Structure Design

Porous Cooling Structure gives the motors optimal airflow, keeping the system running at the optimal operating temperature.

Waterproof Rating 


Hall System

New added Hall System plays an important role in the whole device. It not only provides the accurate current and voltage control for the drive system, but also greatly extends the life of the entire device. 

Dual Processors

Each motor has a separate processor system for control of motor speed, response and syncing of the dual motors. This improves overall control and stability of the drive system.


Independent Protection

For system safety, ONAN Booster Unit and Battery Packs are equipped with circuit protection systems, which makes for double the protection.

Airline Travel Safe

The removable 158.4Wh LG 18650 cell battery of the Onan Drive System is safe for airline travel. Take up to two batteries as carry on luggage and enjoy riding in any city in the world.  


4000 Watts Power

The X2 can also be ordered in a 4WD version, creating truly extreme power. The 4WD setup increases overall performance and range, allows steeper hill climbing and faster acceleration, with a total of 4000 Watts of power. 

Please Inquire if interested in the X2-4WD


One-Piece Aluminum Alloy  Structure

Exceptional strength and durability is part of the structural design. The aluminum alloy body allows for exceptional heat dissipation. The main electronic board contacts with the aluminum alloy body through thermal adhesive, making the whole aluminum alloy body a large heat sink. Even at high speeds, the board is able to maintain the optimum operating temperature allowing for best performance. 

Double Side Bearing Protection

Bearings are the most vulnerable parts in the whole system. In electric long boards, once the motor bearings start to ware it can cause problems throughout the entire drive system. However, ONAN Booster has adopted double side bearing. This distributes the rider weight more evenly over the drive system, greatly extending the life of the motors and bearings.

Swappable Battery Pack Design

One Click removable battery design allows for quick replacement of the battery pack. The 25-28km range can easily be extended to 50km with the low weight of the 1kg battery pack. Carry and extra with you and maximise your mileage.


Battery Pack

The battery case is made from explosion proof ABS+PC material and has been designed to withstand lithium battery failure. The design is extremely durable, flexible, IP65 Waterproof and safe for everyday use. 

Regenerative Braking

The X2 Booster is equipped with a regenerative braking function. When downhill braking, or normal driving braking, the system will charge your battery pack automatically. In mountain road environment or urban road environment, regenerative braking will help extend your mileage.


Step-less Speed Knob

The Step-less Speed Control Knob allows for more precise control. At any speed, it can accurately control the speed and braking.

Dual Processors

The remote control has 4 LED lights that monitor the power of the main battery, and 2 LED lights that monitor the remote control battery.

Compact Design

The compact design allows you to easily carry the remote control in your pocket.



The Onan Drive System and Battery Packs come with a one year manufacturers warranty. 


We can offer the full range of replacement parts for outside warranty repairs. No matter the ware and tare on the Onan Drive System, be reassured we can keep your unit running like new.