93MM 2000W 

in Wheel Power

The X2's patent motor design and larger wheel size makes the ride more comfortable. The acceleration and climbing ability is very powerful being able to clime up to 30% incline, while still maintaining a smooth and quiet ride.

Porous Cooling 

Structure Design

Porous Cooling Structure gives the motors optimal airflow, keeping the system running at the optimal operating temperature.

Independent Protection

For system safety, ONAN Booster Unit and Battery Packs are equipped with circuit protection systems, which makes for double the protection.


4000 Watts Power

The X2 can also be ordered in a 4WD version, creating truly extreme power. The 4WD setup increases overall performance and range, allows steeper hill climbing and faster acceleration, with a total of 4000 Watts of power. 

Please Inquire if interested in the X2-4WD

One-Piece Aluminum Alloy  Structure

Exceptional strength and durability is part of the structural design. The aluminum alloy body allows for exceptional heat dissipation. The main electronic board contacts with the aluminum alloy body through thermal adhesive, making the whole aluminum alloy body a large heat sink. Even at high speeds, the board is able to maintain the optimum operating temperature allowing for best performance. 

Battery Pack

The battery case is made from explosion proof ABS+PC material and has been designed to withstand lithium battery failure. The design is extremely durable, flexible, IP65 Waterproof and safe for everyday use. 



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